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Our approach

Have you ever felt your doctors weren’t listening to you? Have you ever been told that what you are experiencing is just the natural aging process, or that there is no explanation for what you are experiencing?  Yet, intuitively, you know something is not right? 

The answers are in YOUR DNA, which tells your individual story, as well as that of your parents and grandparents.  Being able to ‘read’ this story allows a deep understanding of your health history.

There is a saying “you are not your genes” and this is true.  Your genes CAN be influenced by lifestyle, nutrition, environment and other epigenetic factors.  Knowing your DNA allows you to influence and impact the quality and progression of your life through genomic testing.

Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine uses a variety of approaches to deliver whole-person care. The provider looks at the ecosystem of your life from the science of your DNA to your lifestyle, diet, social and environmental connections, and life stressors.  This holistic perspective reveals a proactive approach to disease prevention and optimal health.


Genomics is the study of a person’s genes (DNA), including interactions of those genes with each other and with the person’s environment.  Genes create the recipe for all the tissues, proteins and enzymes needed for the body to function. This is where your genes provide valuable data that can help you and your doctors understand your unique health care needs.

Excellent experience!

There were gaps in my healthcare that I was looking to bridge. Medicine for Living exceeded my expectations and has been an invaluable service for me.

I was feeling frustrated and defeated with health issues and Dr. McKelvey turned that around for me.

Dr. McKelvey was deeply interested in listening to and helping me. She broke down the science and medicine into easy digestible bites of information. She made suggestions and was open to changes in my care that other doctors either couldn’t or just wouldn’t do. I feel better every day with the changes I helped chose and implement.

Dr. McKelvey’s expertise and years of experience as a doctor shines through in her forward-thinking and insightful approach to health and wellness. This is truly personalized care and I highly recommend it.

Angela Amendola

Alicia McKelvey, MD, Medicine for Living

Your practitioner

Alicia McKelvey, MD

Dr. McKelvey pursued a career in medicine to help others after watching a close family friend die of cancer.  During her 20+ year career as a minimally invasive thoracic surgeon, she wished she could go back in time with her patients to a point in their lives where preventative steps could have been implemented to reduce the risk of disease developing. She has now channeled her drive and knowledge into achieving a board certification in Integrative Medicine, with the goal of delivering a more holistic approach to care.

Our Services

Medicine for Living uses genomic evaluation to provide insight into your unique DNA makeup, to assist your clinician in developing a personalized care plan, to meet your goals. 

The first consultation is all about getting to know you through your health history and health goals.  The subsequent office visits take an exciting deep dive into your genomic results, creating a personalized health plan just for you. 

Conditions addressed include:

Our services complement but do not replace those of your primary care provider.


Decoding Your DNA

Testing is simple and convenient. A sample of saliva is used for the test. A test kit will be sent to your home or given to you in the office. The kit comes with a swab that you swirl on the inside of your mouth to obtain the DNA sample. It’s that easy! The specimen is sent to IntellxxDNATM lab that performs the genetic decoding.

The genomic lab test will evaluate how variants in your DNA can affect the quality of your life. The IntellxxDNA™ report incorporates evidence-based, well-researched intervention strategies. These strategies include recommendations for environmental, lifestyle, nutritional, supplemental, and medication adjustments. A personalized health plan is created just for you!


Decoding Your DNA

Chronic diseases are now considered a normal part of aging. Understanding your DNA, however, through genomic testing can reveal factors that can be addressed, thus slowing, reversing, and even preventing chronic diseases.

A sample of saliva is used for the test.  A test kit will be sent to your home or given to you in the office.  The kit contains a swab to swirl on the inside of your cheek to get the saliva. It’s that easy! The specimen is sent to IntellxxDNA™ to run the test. 

The genomic test will evaluate how variants in your DNA can affect your quality of life. The IntellxxDNA™ report incorporates evidence-based, well-researched potential intervention strategies that cover environmental, lifestyle, nutrition, supplements and medications. The results are reviewed with you in the office, at which time, a personalized health plan is created!

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